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Kaal Sarapyog Remedy !

We all know this thing that kaal is another word for death and A person who is born under the kaal sarp yog will be facing near death experiences almost all his life. In other words the person will struggle all his life. This situation is being created when all the planets come between the Rahu and Ketu. Rahu is also called the snack and Ketu is also called the tail. As we have told above different kinds of problems surround the person who is born with Kaal sarp yog.

To get rid of Kaal Sarp yog people are advised to do a puja on the day of Naag Panchmi and they are also advised to place an energized Kaal sarp yantra in their homes. This Yantra protect the user from the evil consequences of the kaal sarp yog. This yantra then turn all the struggle into success and thus this yantra will help the person to overcome the obstacles and attain success.

This yantra is made by man and it is energized through mantras from the Vedas in order to connect with the higher power. This process of energizing the yantra is undertaken by saints. Make sure you place the Yantra in your home in a very good manner. This is how you can place the Yantra in your house:
• First of all you need to purify the body and freeing the mind from any bad and negative thoughts.
• Next step is to look for a place on the floor which is undisturbed and facing the east direction.
• Then you need to light a lamp
• After that you need to place a fresh fruit and flower on the altar.
• Then you need to lay the yantra with a picture of the god which the yantra symbolizes.
• After that take water from any leaf from whatsoever tree and sprinkle some on yourself and then on the altar.
• Now you should close your eyes now and focus and pray that god fulfill all your wishes.

Though the criteria have been mentioned above but make sure that you do it under some experts opinion. In my recommendation you should consult astrologer Ramavtar who is India's best astrologer, he will teach you how to actually use Kaal sarpyog yantra and he will also let you know many other ways of getting rid of kaal sarapyog, so contact him as soon as possible and get rid if your problems.

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